Sunday, October 4, 2009

Park Silly Sunday Market

Keatley came up to help mommy work in Park City. It was a fun frstival with facepainting, pumpkins, inflatable slides and fun entertainment. Keatley didn't really sell anything, but she did stare at herself in the mirror making several faces at herself. Reminds me of someone else when they were that age....hmmmmmm....I wonder who did that.
It was a great day!


GI Jane said...

Keatley is a cutie! Love the pink tutu.

The Hardy's said...

Jana! About that second picture up from the bottom that has Nate with Cael on his shoulders...The little boy and girl to Nate's right (Girl with a pink striped shirt) are my niece and nephew from Jeremy's side of the family! Small world...They are Jeremy's oldest brother's kids! How funny that you have them in your picture!