Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Unified Fire Authority Banquet

This past Saturday was the annual Firefighters banquet ceremony.  Can I just say "BORING".  Oh my gosh, that thing lasted forever.  They didn't finished up the ceremony till almost 11:00.  Luckily, Aunt Meagan and Uncle David slept over at our house with the kids so that we could stay at the Radison Hotel.  By the way, the bed sucked!  We didn't get any sleep at all.  What a waste of money.  We would have much rather slept in our own bed.  Well the only thing good that came from the night was that I got a new dress.  Nate did get mentioned during the ceremony for his new promotion.  Congratulations sweetie,  I love you and appreciate how much you do for your family.


Kira said...

Tell Nate he needs to smile!
He looks like he is pooping. Show me them pearly whites!

Zach, Roby, and Carson said...

Oh Jana you are so pretty. I love the dress. And nate is silly. I've never seen that man smile ;)